IRD Risk Review and Audit

WARNING: If you have ever received a Risk Review letter from the Inland Revenue Department (IRD), please don’t ignore it. It may eventually trigger an official Audit and result you stress both mentally and financially.

A Risk Review letter from the IRD means some information from your compliance record suggests there could be something wrong that concerns Inland Revenue. Maybe you are in a certain industry that IRD is targeting on or the filed tax return did not stack up.

If you believe there could be a mistake or error in the financial record filed, usually it can be resolved with a fully and frank Voluntary Disclosure before triggering an offical IRD audit. Also taxpayer is entitled to a reduction in shortfall penalties up to 100% by doing so.

You could also possibly apply for relief from tax debt under certain circumstances or installment arrangements.

I am a Tax Specialist with extensive legal and accounting background based in Queenstown. I specialise in dealing with IRD for risk review and Audit on your behalf. I can prepare and file Voluntary Disclosure, represent you in the IRD meetings, dispute with IRD during the audit process and negotiate for settlement.

Please call today for a Confidential Consultation! 0800 222 TAX (829)

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